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Weight Loss Transformer

Weight Loss Transformer Necklace


I have created a variety of these beautiful weight loss aids over time for special requests. They have been designed into beautiful single strand stretch bracelets, double and triple strand bracelets and necklaces.

The combinations of stones chosen for this design are unique in their properties and combined especially with weight loss in mind. The combination help us to be able to release what is no longer serving us, at the same time boosting the metabolism and controlling the cravings for food that are not of our highest nature.

Sodalite, a wonderful assistant in weight loss, regulates metabolism and helps the digestive system. Amethyst helps in healing addictions to food and all other substance. Obsidian reduces cravings and shields us from negativity. Tourmaline facilitates weight loss and gets energy flowing.

The combination of these stones makes a majestically beautiful piece of jewelry.

Cleanse often!

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