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I am Sally Sutton and I have been attracted to crystals and gemstones as long as I can remember. Even as a small child I remember collecting stones and bottles!

My fascination for powerful healing stones has been reawakened after completing my Reiki training, Power Healing classes and studying more about the entergetic properties of stones. I have combined my skills as a Jewelry Artisan with those experiences to make energy infused handmade jewelry.

Honestly, what is a better way to have these powerful, clearing, cleansing, and healing stones with us all of the time than to have them as handmade gemstone jewelry? Just wearing one of the amazing Chakra Bracelets gives me a gentle surge of engery, clarity and focus all day long.

My designs feature a nice mix of gemstones and chakra stones that complement each other. They are divinely arranged to give you the most clearing possible. Each piece (chakra bracelet, gemstone bracelets or necklaces, and individual gemstones) are always cleared of all previous energy and re-energized with energy before it is shipped to you.

More about my Handcrafted Semi-precious Gemstone Jewelry…

Each of these handcrafted gemstone jewelry designs are distinctively unique and elegant … created and inspired one piece at a time. Every piece is designed and handcrafted to complement the gemstone or crystal itself, while recalling its past glory as part of the earth. Each item inspired by nature’s simple beauty.

More importantly, each piece is worked with in ceremony and meditation – prayer to instill a particular healing intent for the wearer of the jewelry, corresponding to the healing properties of the gemstones or crystals. Each one of these pieces reflects the subtle nuances of these influences.

Although we may not know why … we choose a piece of handcrafted natural gemstone jewelry to buy and wear,  it is because for some reason we are drawn to the energy of the stones. The characteristics and attributes of each specific stone are just what we need in that moment. Let yourself be drawn to a piece without thinking too much. Let your heart rather than your head be your guide, and you will find your perfect match.

The unique combinations of the basic chakra stones (including rose quartz, amethyst, clear crystal quartz, lapis, sodalite, green and red aventurine, citrine, carnelian, ruby, tigers eye, agate, obsidian, hematite, serpentine, tourmaline, labordorite, rhodochrosite, and moldavite) are set using sterling silver and/or copper wrapping.

We also carry rough and tumbled gemstones and crystals, chakra sets, and energy infused pendulums.

Have your own idea? Want a personalized custom design? Contact Sally.

Available pieces change frequently so visit often to make sure you get the one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry that’s perfect for you.