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How to Use a Pendulum to Get Yes or No Answers

how to use a pendulum

How to Use a Pendulum to get Yes or No Answers

Before you use a pendulum you have bought or one that has been given to you, it’s a good idea to clear your pendulum of all energies absorbed by it, from others handling it. It is also important to cleanse it before each use. Read my article on How to Clear a Pendulum Before Using It. I have also included a video that is at the bottom of this article on how to use a pendulum.

Here’s a disclaimer of sorts….

Learning to get out of the way and let the pendulum do its work is part of the learning process. The results you get will reflect your stage of spiritual and mental development.

Use a pendulum with the intention of  the well-being of others or yourself and to get yes and no answers. It will not foretell the future, I highly suggest you not use it for egoistic reasons.  In reality you will have to learn to spiritually disconnect yourself from the pendulum’s answers. As with anything, your thoughts can influence the pendulum’s answers. This takes practice, however when you “get it” and learn to disconnect yourself from the answers, it is fun using a pendulum.

Your next step is to determine your Yes and No from the pendulum. Once cleared, blow your energies into the stone, by holding the pendulum in your hand and blowing into the stone. Then hold the pendulum by the top pivot, so that the heaviest end is at the bottom.

1) Say: Show me my YES. The pendulum will start swinging, so you will know when you ask a yes or no question, this is your YES answer. Then tell it to stop.

2) Then say: Show me my NO. Once again the pendulum will swing in a different direction, this is your NO.

3) I may be beneficial to ask: How will you swing if you don’t want to answer or if you can’t answer.

Now when you ask a yes or no question, you will know how YOUR pendulum will answer you.

Here’s a diagram of common directions for yes and no. ( Yes, I drew this by hand.) It could be any combinations of these. Mine is a diagonal for no and circle for yes. You can use this diagram or draw it out on paper for yourself. There is no right or wrong, your swing for yes and no may be totally different from anyone you know. That’s perfectly normal. You can print the diagram below or draw on a piece of parer if you feel a diagram like this would help you.

I suggest you practice, practice, practice, especially the part about disconnecting from the answers. Ask a question you already know the answer to. Always with an unbiased attitude and intentions. If you ask a question and say to yourself, say yeas, say yes…. Then this is not being unbiased and you will interfere with the connection and the answer… A correct answer will only come when you are unbiased on the outcome.

yes no pendulum answerOnce you get your yes and no answers, I suggest you read my article: How accurate is my pendulum

TIPS: When I am working with my pendulum asking questions or doing the test, I do not hold the pendulum directly in front of my body, I make sure it is away from my chakra points. I hold it to my side or turn my body away from the pendulum. For a newbie, I would not let anyone else touch or use my pendulum. Keep it put away, preferably in a cloth bag, not plastic as it can not breathe.

Once you have mastered the art of using your pendulum, you can use it in so many ways. You can hold your pendulum over objects to test them, if they are good for you or not. Remember to ask yes or no questions and disconnect from the answer.

Is this item good for me? Do I need this supplement? Is this water pure? ect… you get the jist.

More examples of items you may want to test: food, water, drinks, medications, gemstones, flower remedies, your chakras, the organs and systems in your body, the energy in your environment (does my ___ need clearing).

Before you take a course or join a group, you can ask if this ____  would be of my highest good to take/join at this time. It may or may not at the moment. You can always ask again later, as we are ever evolving and it may not be right for you in the moment, however later it may be a fit. 😉

Have fun with it and practice. The more you connect with your pendulum, the better you will get at “getting yourself out of the way” and allowing the pendulum to work for you.

I hope this has helped you to understand how to use a pendulum and all of the different ways you can use a pendulum. If it has, please share it with others.

I love carrying my pendulum with me. Spirit gave me a vision of a pendulum necklace, this way I wear it with me all of the time! And when I am shopping, all I have to do is take it off and use it. It really come in handy. You can take a look at the varieties I have in my jewelry shop on the home page.  I make custom orders too.



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