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Green Prehnite Healing Properties

Green Phrehnite Healing Properties

Brief easy to understand description of Green Prehnite Healing Properties

Green Prehnite is a stone of unconditional love and a stone to heal the healer. It enhances spiritual growth and assist in connecting to beings on the higher spiritual planes. It helps you to be prepared, as it enhances precognition… or prior knowledge of an event.

It links your heart with your will. With its vibration within the solar plexus, it assists you to live life from a heart based perspective. This elegant green stone supports personal discipline, and it encourages the heart to surrender to Divine will.

It is often referred to as a stone of magic. It also assists you to make a connection with elemental beings, who love to be of service to you, if you treat them with respect. It seals the auric field so it is very protective during meditation, therefore keeping a piece on your body may be highly beneficial.

This crystal seals the auric field in a protective field of divine energy. It teaches you how to be in harmony with nature and the elemental forces. A great stone for decluttering.

It helps to alleviate nightmares, phobias, adn deep fears, uncovering and healing the ailment that created them.

It is good for hyperactive children.