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Aquamarine Healing Properties

Aquamarine Healing Properties

Brief easy to understand description of Aquamarine Healing Properties

Aquamarine is a very calming and soothing stone. It is considered “The Stone of Courage and Protection”. It is associated with the throat chakra, helping one in all areas of communication. It’s beautiful blue color gives it a “cooling” effect. For people who tent to “Fly Off at the drop of a pin,” this an excellent stone to have.

The metaphysical properties of Aquamarine make it an excellent stone for letting go of old emotional issues and to look at them from another perspective. Wear an aquamarine bracelet or necklace to assist in releasing anger, reduce stress and boost courage to speak your truth with clarity and conviction, helping you to make positive changes in your life.

It also allows you to be more aware and attuned to energies around you while remaining centered. This stone will bring out the BEST in you; the creativity, the humanitarian side, the light-heartedness, all the while giving you the strength to take responsibility for yourself.

It has an affinity with sensitive people. It can help overcome judgment of others and enhance tolerance. Aquamarine can calm fear and worry, by opening the mind up to understanding that “all is the way it is supposed be” –Divine Perfection in the Universe. It is a great stone for those who feel overwhelmed by responsibility and help them to find order.

Keywords: Protection, Power, Healing, Clarity, Communication

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